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Outward Women, Inward Guns (20th Anniversary Edition)

by The Kiddymen

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She is always on my mind Her eyes look just like lemon rinds Left in the sun And I know that she's the one for me She's in all the magazines I cut the pictures out Remembered all her scenes It's like she's staring through the screen I wrote a letter I'm gonna send To let her know that she's Got a friend in me If she ever needs some sympathy My Vanessa's a star She's my favorite star She does her scenes in just one take She makes the other girls look fake When she's up there But the actors don't seem to care Vanessa's all alone tonight I wanna be there for her Tell her it's alright But she's always one step out of sight
Nexttime 04:16
Runnin' 'round in circles Never seemed to do me much good I can't fly like an aeroplane But I thought I could Now I'll shake hands with the enemy Wear the noose around my neck Anything to keep the demons Inside me in check I only want a warm familiar place Somewhere where I can melt in your embrace Only you can save me from disgrace And that's why Next time - I'll learn my lesson Next time - That's my confession Thought you were gonna take care of me So why am I in such bad shape? It's hard to leave the ground when someone's Tugging at your cape Now I feel just like a drag queen Who fell asleep upon her throne Snoring while the castle's burning Left without a home If I give my soul to you Promise not to tell 'Cause I don't wanna face the devil With nothing left to sell
Glimmer 04:17
Hey, is that a time bomb ticking in your head? 'Cause if it blows everybody knows that I'll be dead I looked around inside your mind and found a mess I don't wanna hang around to see what happens next I guess I've finally figured out what makes you tick It just so happens that's the thing that makes me sick Remember the first time that I laid eyes on you? Wasn't the right thing but what else could I do? Another problem - I guess it's all on me All of these bad times ain't where I wanna be Hey, is that a landmine buried in your heart? I should have known that I was screwed right from the start I'm sure you thought that you were being cute and clever Now I hope I see you on the other side of never I had no secrets - I had nothing up my sleeve Now when I think about it - I was so naive Remember the first time that I laid eyes on you? Wasn't the right thing but what else could I do? Remember the last thing that you said to me? Don't dive in - the water's yellow I'm not so sure that you were straight with me
The Last One 03:34
You were the last thing on my mind Then you walked into the room And my heart sank six feet deep Everything's changing can't you see Sometimes I can smell your hair I can't begin to tell you how many times I fell in love But you were the last one I'm the epitome of me But please don't pity me All this booze can't fill your shoes You're like a breeze blowing through the trees 'Cause everyone can feel you But I can't ever see you You're the girl worth waiting for Forever and ever That velvet summer on my end The very thing that could not bind Unraveled my all thoughts and dreams And sent me tumbling You're everything to me now The sun, the sky, the earth and sea And everything that's in-between Sometimes I still smell your hair I can't begin to tell you where Or how many times I fell in love But you were the last one
Irene my dear Won't you come down I'm begging you please Although I'm done caring The neighbors are staring Please come down my dear Irene my friend Please don't tell me that this is the end I feel no sorrow I'm leaving tomorrow Don't tell me this is the end We have had dark days before Don't throw it away Even if I don't love you What will your family say Irene my dear Please keep your voice down The neighbors will hear Please don't be careless Although I couldn't care less Please come down my dear Won't you come down my dear
Sometimes I feel like the world's coming down on me Coming down for the last time But I don't need an old friend to comfort me There ain't gonna be a next time Gonna drive down to the sea Drown in all the sorrow burning deep inside of me Wish it all away Mistress of the sea - I hear her calling my name Like a sonic wave - I will obey Spend the rest of my days slowly drifting Put my feet in the sand - wait for my wave And ride it into the sunset So alive with the sounds of the ocean breeze I think the mermaids can hear me I can barely see the shore I'll live with crustaceans crawling on the ocean floor I can be Neptune for a day And the current's getting strong Watching sirens capture lovesick sailors with their songs This is my final place


Written and recorded on a four-track in a Hollywood apartment between 1999 and 2000, the Outward Women, Inward Guns EP is one artist's swan song to the music industry. This 20th anniversary reissue contains bonus tracks and all-new cover art.


released November 11, 2000

Written and performed by Billy Wood
Produced by Frank Wilsey


all rights reserved



The Kiddymen Los Angeles, California

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